About Redemption

Beneath New York City lies a twisting labyrinth of abandoned tunnels and caves stretching over hundreds of miles. This dark world has become the City of the Forgotten, a dwelling to thousands of New York's homeless and a hiding place to criminals on the run.

As a decorated New York police officer, Jake Armstrong patrolled these tunnels. But after the senseless murder of his wife, Jake leaves the force and begins a tragic spiral into homelessness. Broken and desperate, he is forced to move into the subterranean concrete jungle he once tried to protect.

But these caverns are not just home to the homeless. From the most forgotten depths a collective of desperate and vicious men are rising, members of a cult who call themselves The Chosen. Leading them is an enigmatic man nobody outside their cult has seen, known only as Angel.

Forced to choose between his self-imposed isolation and the need to do what's right, Jake is drawn into this battle. Before he can save the lives of those around him, he must come face to face with the inner demons that lead him there in the first place.

Chelsea Henderson is a masters film student working on her graduate thesis, a documentary on New York's growing homeless population. She follows their trail into the tunnels, and when she learns of Angel, she sets out to uncover the truth behind him and the many disappearances and murders credited to him. Her videos form the basis for the dramatic web series The Darkness Descending and provide us with a glimpse into Redemption's world.

A gritty action drama, Redemption is inspired by the true stories and personalities found in these tunnels.

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To support independent film and the production of Redemption and The Darkness Descending, you may purchase a collector's edition still frame from the series.

When the motion picture Redemption is released, a portion of its profits will be donated to the homeless and those organizations that help them.