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  • Mackenzie Firgens
  • Karen Tinker
  • Eric Zweidiger
  • Michael Walton
  • Douglas Choi
  • Gretchen George

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Independent Film has become the voice of the community, bringing stories, events, and social issues to the big screen and into homes around the world. The upcoming motion picture Redemption and the web series The Darkness Descending continue this tradition. Inspired by the true stories of New York's underground homeless, Redemption and The Darkness Descending follow a former police officer's tragic descent into their world and the lives that will forever change him.

Please consider supporting Redemption by purchasing one or more signed Collector's Edition Still Frame certificates or by making a donation of any amount. At only $5.00 (including free US shipping), each certificate includes a unique still frame from The Darkness Descending and a time-code indicating its location in the series. No two certificates will ever contain the same frame.

Purchasers of the certificates will also receive access to the upcoming The Chosen web site featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, cast and crew interviews, and project updates during production of The Darkness Descending and Redemption.

When the motion picture is released, a portion of its profits will be donated to the homeless and those organizations that help them.